Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Makeup at Publix with Coupons

Another great shopping trip last night. I spent $33.19 and saved $72.14 with coupons!

When I’m standing in the grocery isle and realize that there’s a readily available freebie that anyone can take advantage of, I feel impelled to tell someone. So last night, I’m standing in the cosmetics isle and I turn to the lady next to me who was buying mouthwash and I exclaim, “hey, did you know you can get free makeup here today?”. I explained that the Happy Holiday Savings flyer at the front of the store has a $2.50 off any Covergirl cosmetics coupon in it and that the same $3.59 product is on sale for 40% off, bringing the total to $2.15, so there’s actually money to be made on the product (some Publix stores will adjust down the amount, most will simply take the entire $2.50 off if you have other items in your cart). She looked at me in amazement and told me that it was a great deal and kept looking for mouthwash. The next lady looked at me like I was crazy. At that point, I figured I’d better keep this amazing deal to myself in the store and simply come back and blog about it. It never ceases to amaze me how many people simply don’t believe that freebie deals like this exist - that they must be too good to be true.

Anyhow, I ended up with the following freebies: 4 blushes, 2 foundations and 4 packs of emery boards (yes, the same Publix flyer has a $2 off coupon on any Revlon beauty product and the emery boards are $1.69 and $1.89). In the newspaper, there were recently some Covergirl coupons which are stackable with the Publix coupons. So Publix essentially paid me around $4 to buy $32 worth of cosmetics! The cash I made went towards my groceries.

If you have a Publix near you, check out and see if they have an in-store special on Covergirl items. If they don’t, get a few copies of the Happy Holiday Savings flyer from the front of your local store and save them. The coupons are valid through Dec 26, so the product will probably go on sale again before the end of the month, so you too can get free makeup!

As for all the other groceries, all the items were on sale and I of course used coupons. The pizza was the “penny item” – so it was only 1c! I used Stouffers and Electrasol coupons from the paper. There were 55c coupons off Coffeemate right in front of the product on the shelf, several Arnold bread packages had a “buy two, get $1 off a gallon of milk” coupons (and the bread this week is buy one get one free). I’m also a member of the Publix Baby Club, so they sent me coupons for $1 off any dairy product, $1 off any meat item and $1 off any produce item. I almost got to use all my Vocalpoint tuna coupons on the Publix buy one get one free sale this week, but they ran out of tuna. So I got a rain check (which will give me more time to accumulate more tuna coupons to take full advantage of the deal). I love coupons!!!! If you also have been able to get free makeup at Publix this week, let me know…


  1. I love finding freebies too! great article. i actually found you through fox business online. nice job getting listed there - i hope you get millions of hits!

  2. That is so true! I send out emails sometimes with awesome deals, only to realize people either don't understand the easy instructions, don't care about bargain shopping, or think the deal must be a scam. Keep sharing here, though, k? :)

  3. Thanks - welcome to my site. I'll keep the good stuff coming!


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