Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Redbox Movie Rentals

Redbox is a red dvd-vending machine that charges $1 for an overnight rental (if you return it late, you pay $1 per day). You can find a Redbox at most Walmart locations.

Every Monday, Redbox issues a code that you input in to the machine for a free rental (today’s code is 23MJT7). This month, check out Centsible Sawyer for additional RedBox codes for the next four Sundays thru 1/14/09 and hints on how to get the most of your free Redbox codes.

So if you live near a Redbox location and are disciplined enough to return it by 9pm the following day, you may be able to eliminate or reduce the cost of your Netflix subscription! Ah! One less line item on your budget!

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