Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sample Sunday

Here’s this week’s free samples. To check out other samples that may be available from previous weeks, visit my Sample Sunday page.

Hearts and Minds Peanut Butter
Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Care Dandruff Solutions Shampoo
Blue Spring Natural Pain Relief
Aveeno Lifting and Firming Cream (coupon with free sample) – new link

Eliminate the line item on your budget for magazine subscriptions this year! Free magazine subscriptions are readily available as the publisher hopes that you’ll enjoy the sample and end up purchasing a subscription. The below is a list of magazines that you can get for free without handing over a credit card and worrying that they’re going to bill you…

5 free issues of Cosmopolitan magazine
10 free issues of More magazine
7 free issues of Spa magazine
6 free digital issues of Marie Claire
1 free issue of Bridal Guide

If you order free issues for any of the above, it will pop up a link enabling you to order other magazines covering topics about surfing, yachting, boarding, motocross, the Caribbean, Florida, and more.

If you’re loyal to a particular magazine and can’t find it for free, check with your local library. You may find that although you can’t check out the most recent issue, you can borrow older copies.

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