Sunday, December 14, 2008

$131.46 Worth of Groceries for $49.38!

Today, I took advantage of the great sales at Publix. Yes, I paid $49.38 and saved $82.08. There was a pizza in there too, but it was in the oven when I was taking the picture.

The kids are happy because we ran out of waffles last month and I refuse to pay more than 50c for a box of Eggos waffles (they usually retail for $2.39). In today’s paper, there were two 75c coupons, so after the buy one get one free sale and the coupon, they were 44c a box. After I realized that each double bundle of papers has $3 worth of Eggos coupons in it and that a bundle of two papers is $2.50, I went ahead and bought two more sets. I’ll consider all the other coupons in there a bonus.

What I have learned is that persistence and a change in attitude really pays off. Yes, we had to go on a waffles hiatus for a couple of weeks, but we managed. Then there was the toddler toothpaste. Last night, I noticed that the tube was almost empty. A few months ago, I would have simply gone out and purchased a new tube for around $3. But I couldn’t bring myself to pay full price. This morning, after cutting the tube in half, scraping out one half to brush the kids’ teeth and putting the other half in a plastic baggie so that the gel wouldn’t dry out, I looked in the paper. And there it was in all it’s glory – combining a coupon in the current Publix Fall Winter Savings flyer with a 55c coupon that was in the previous box – I was able to get two tubes for 95c each! I often hear people say that they tried the “coupon thing” but it didn’t work out. Simply clipping coupons is not enough. It really takes a shift in attitude to make it work.

So we’re again stockpiled on waffles, frozen and canned veges (the canned veges are great for throwing in a pie with leftover chicken for pot pie).

This week, we’re combing today’s purchases with previously stockpiled items and vegetables that are still sitting in the fridge from last week and we’re having chicken, beans and rice, pork chops with sweet potatoes and other vegetables, linguine with lemon clam sauce and fried rice.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend signing up for the Grocery Game and you’ll see how simple it is to save this much!


  1. What a great deal. I need to spend more time on the Hotcouponworld publix thread and less time on the Kroger thread. You can really do well in Georgia with double coupons, stacking and buy one get one sales at Publix.

    We go without too, we haven't been buying 100% maple syrup this year since the prices doubled. But it has forced us to try molasses, and after 2 weeks, the kids like it...almost.

  2. I'd like to develop my coupon links a bit more. I'm a Grocery Gamer, so I get most of my coupons from the paper and match them up with sales, but I'd like to utilize more online links. I hear you on the maple syrup - I usually bake tons of pumpkin pies at this time of year and at over $8 a pop, I couldnt help but balk over the price. Now if I can just figure out how to get molasses to not taste like molasses in my pies, I'll be set...


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