Thursday, December 18, 2008

Horizon Organic, Silk Soymilk and Other Coupons

If you're on the lookout for Horizon Organic coupons, Silk Soymilk coupons or Apple and Eve Organic Juice Coupons, be sure to get the Winter 2009 Publix Greenwise flyer from your local Publix store this month. The flyer contains these coupons along with several others. The $1 Silk Soymilk (exp. 1/31/09) and 50c Apple and Eve coupons (exp 3/31/09) are manufacturer's coupons so can be used in any store. The $1 Horizon coupon is a Publix coupon (exp. 1/31/09). Where can you get other coupons for organic products? Check the list on my previous post here to see which manufacturers frequently issue coupons. If you don't live near a Publix, it's still worth getting a free subscription of the magazine for the coupons. We usually buy Horizon milk and between Publix coupons and those on the Horizon website, we never pay full price!


  1. I agree there are lot of Manufacturer organic coupons in the Greenwise. I was getting lots of those Organic Valley's q's and getting my half and half for the price of regular after coupon for a while there.

  2. I took advantage of the Organic Valley coupons for a couple of months too. I stock up on them and just as I'm running out, they seem to come out with a new coupon.


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