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Organic Coupons - Where to Get Them Right Now

Here's my latest list of currently available coupons for organic and natural products so you can go ahead and print your coupons and/or get them at your local stores right now. This information is current as I post it, but featured coupons on various sites may change during the month, so I recommend that your print the coupons you want as soon as you see them.

If there is an organic or natural foods company that you’d like to see more of or have requested coupons from a specific company and received them, let me know. If you find this useful, please comment! Have fun finding healthy eats on the cheap...

After the Fall
(Natural and organic juices)
Currently the 75c coupon is not available via the link on the site, but you can sign up for their newsletter for news about new products and future promotions.

Applegate Farms
(Organic and natural hot dogs, bacon, sausage, frozen food, cheese snacks, deli).
Click on “Enjoy a Healthy Lunch” to sign up to receive e-mail updates of the Child Nutrition Act petition and they’ll instantly e-mail you a pdf of a $1 off any Applegate Farms product coupon.

Alexia Foods
(Natural and organic appetizers, breads, mashed potatoes, oven fries, onion rings, nuggets).
Register to get a $1 coupon off any Alexia Tuscan Style Panini.

Attune Bars
(Probiotic bars)
Take the 14-day challenge from Jan 1-July 30 09. If you eat one bar a day and don’t feel a difference, you’ll get a full refund (up to $28). Also, check Mambo Sprouts to see if a coupon is available.

Arrowhead Mills
(Natural, organic, whole grain and gluten-free hot and cold cereals, pancake mixes, seeds and grains)
There is a $1 peel-off coupon on selected products that entitle you to $1 off cereal, valid thru 12/31/09). Also, if you send in 3-5 UPCs, they’ll send you either $15 or $25 of OXO kitchen tools.

Aura Cacia
(Pure, sustainable essential oils, aromatherapy for adults, kids, baby).
In the shopping section, tell a friend about the products via a simple online form and they promise to send just 1 email to your friend and give you 20% off your next order. Also, you can become a grassroots advisor and receive 25% off your next online order after filling out a survey. Finally they have an e-newsletter you can sign up for to receive special offers.

Back to Nature Foods
(snacks, bars, nuts, granola).
See Delicious Living for coupons.

Barbara’s Bakery
(Cereal, snacks)
See Publix Go Organic.Sign up to get coupons in the mail and via e-mail.

Barleans Organic Oils
See Mambo Sprouts for coupons.

(SLS and phosphate free cleaning products).
This is often on sale at Kroger and you can check Mambo Sprouts for coupons.

Blue Diamond
(Natural almonds, nut and rice snacks, almond milk)
50c printable coupon in the promotions section.

Brown Cow Farm
(Natural yogurt).
They have a regular 50c or 75c printable coupons for yogurt when you submit your email address.

Carlson Norweigian
(Nutritional Supplements).
See Health ESavers for current coupons.

Cascadian Farm.
(Organic granola bars, frozen fruit, cereals, frozen potatoes, fruit spread, juice concentrates, relish)
See Publix Go Organic for current coupons.

Clif Bar
(natural bars)
See Publix Greenwise, Publix Go Organic and Health ESavers for current coupons. Also, sign up for the newsletter and receive samples in the mail.

Coleman Naturals
(Natural and organic antibiotic-free, hormone-free meats).
If you take their quick survey, you will be able to print $5 worth of coupons at the end.

(cholesterol-lowing chips)
Take the 28-day challenge. If you eat two 1oz servings of chips per day and you don’t see a reduction in your cholesterol, you can get a refund for your chips up to $24 when you submit your redemption form, receipts and cholesterol test. Valid 1/1-12/31/09. Also, you can get promotional information by signing up for their newsletter.

Crown Price
(Oysters, sardines, tuna, crabmeat and more).
If you take their quick survey, you will be sent a $1 coupon in the mail. Also, you can get printable online coupons from their Consumer Corner link. Finally, join their Frequent Buyer Program by attaching the bar code labels from any five cans of Crown Prince Seafood on a 3"X5" card and mail them in to get 5 50¢ off coupons for any Crown Prince item. There is no limit to this promotion.

Country Choice Organic
(Cookies and snacks).
See Publix Go Organic and Mambo Sprouts for current coupons.

Delicious Living
Printable coupons for a variety of products.
Current coupons include 50c off off Indiana Popcorn, $1 off Back to Nature products, 75c off Lunberg Rice Chips, $1 off Embodi juices, $1 off Meyenberg goat milk products, 75c off RW Knudsen juice, 75c off Santa Cruz juice, $1 off Steaz energy drink, $1 off Zenergize drink vitamins, $1 off Tonnino tuna, $1 off any 2 Health Valley organic products.

Dreamfields Pasta.
(High fiber, low glycemic pasta)
$1 coupon off one box, plus promotions by signing up for their newsletter.

Earthbound Farm
(Organic fresh fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, snacks, cookies, granola, beverages).
You’ll get coupons for misc. Earthbound Farm products and a free pocket guide to choosing organic produce when you complete a quiz. Also, see Publix Go Organic for current coupons.

Earths Best
(Organic baby food and snacks)
Coupons for baby food and Sesame Street snacks. Sign up for their newsletter to receive promotions. Also, keep an eye out for peel-off coupons on select packages that entitle you to a free Elmo CD entitled "Elmo Loves You" when you purchase 3 items.

(Ecological cleaners)
Two coupons here for 75c off any product and $1 off any laundry product

(Natural juice) See Delicious Living for current coupons.

Endangered Species .
See Health ESavers for current coupons.

Enjoy Life Foods
(Allergy-friendly, gluten-free cookies, granola, snack bars, bagels, trail mix, chocolate chips, chocolate bars).
Coupon for 55c off any Enjoy life Foods products.

(Organic cold cereal, bars, snack food).
See Publix Go Organic for current coupons.

Ethnic Gourmet
(Natural frozen entrees)
See Mambo Sprouts for current coupons. Sign up to receive offers from A Healthy Way of Life (The Hain Celestial Group).

Fair Trade Honey
(Organic fair trade honey).
Several bottles have a $1 off coupon on them.

First Juice
(Organic fruit and vegetable juice for kids)
Complete the online form to receive an online coupon for $1.00 off of any 2, 8oz or 32oz bottles

Food For Life
(Natural and organic Ezekiel 4:9 breads, muffins, pasta, tortillas, buns, yeast-free bread products, and parent company to Sunrise Organics, Natural Food Mill and Crystal Falls )
They have a link for e-coupons on their site, but I can’t get it to work – keep trying!

Garden of Eatin
(Organic blue corn chips).
You may get a popup that asks you how many chips are in a serving. It then let me print a coupon for $1 off a bag. Also, sign up to receive offers from A Healthy Way of Life (The Hain Celestial Group). Next, several packets have a peel-off that entitles you to $1 off when you purchase both the chips and a Newman’s Own salsa. Lastly, the newspaper often has coupons for Garden of Eatin chips.

Genisoy .
(Organic protein bars, chips, nuts, trail mix, shakes, powders)
If you head over to the produce department, you may find several Bolthouse Farms beverages with a tag coupon that entitles you to a free Genisoy protein bar with any Bolthouse Farms beverage purchase.

Greens to Go
(Natural antioxidant drink mixes).
See Mambo Sprouts for current coupons.

Health E-Savers
The natural version of
A great resource for organic and natural product coupons.

Health Valley
(soups, bars, cereals)
See Delicious Living for current coupons. Sign up for special offers. They also have a sweepstakes that runs until Jun 30 09 for chances to win spa certificates, free product coupons etc.

Horizon Organic
(Organic milk, yogurt, cheese).
Sign up to acess current $1 coupons for various products.

Ians Natural Foods
(Natural and organic frozen breakfast, entrees, fries, snacks for kids)
Click on “resources” and enter your e-mail. You’ll get $1 off any Ians Alphatots. See “Mambo Sprouts” for additional printable coupons.

Immaculate Baking Company
(Organic cookie dough).
See Publix Greenwise for current coupons.

Imagine Foods
A quarterly newsletter with coupons published by The Hain Celestial Group.$1.50 off any 2 here.

(Antibiotic free frozen Asian entrees).
Fill out a short survey to get coupons and sign up for newsletter for coupons.

(Natural whole grain cereal, cookies).
$1.50 off any 2 bars/cereals and $1 off any one Sunshine cereal here. If you buy selected twin pack of chocolate cookies, you’ll see a big coupon attached which will entitle you to a free ½ gallon of Silk Soy milk when you purchase the cookies. I’ve also received several coupons for Kashi cereal and bars by signing up to Vocalpoint. Also see Publix Go Organic for current coupons.

Laura’s Lean Beef
(Antibiotic free, hormone free beef products).
Sign up to get an instant printable coupon. Sign up for newsletter for an instant coupon.

(Natural yogurt).
See Mambo Sprouts for current coupons.

(Kefir products – drinks, pudding, cheese, cream cheese).
See “Mambo Sprouts” for coupons.

(natural rice, risotto, chips, rice crackers)
See Health ESavers and Delicious Living for current coupons. Also, sign up for specials on their site.

Mambo Sprouts
Miscellaneous printable natural and organic product coupons. Also, if you live in the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, you can get a copy in the mail. They also provide Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats with a Special Events coupon booklet, which is distributed at events sponsored by each store throughout the entire year.
Current Mambo Sprouts coupons online include $1 off any 2 Wolfgang Puck organic broth or stock, $2 off 1 box of Heathy to Go products, $1.50 off any 2 Ethnic Gourmet frozen entrees, $1.50 off any 2 Rice Dream/Soy Dream frozen desserts, $1 off Organic Valley cheese, $2 off Barleans Omega Swirl, $1 off 3 Liberte yogurts, $2 off any 2 Ians nuggets, patties or stix, $1 off any Country Choice oats, $1 off any Lifeway product.

(Goat milk products).
See Delicious Living for current coupons.

Midel Cookies
(Natural cookies).
May possibly have coupons in Kiwi, Eating Well, Real Simple Family, Vegetarian Times and Gluten-Free Living, available at health food stores. Check magazines.

(Meatless burgers, hot dogs, chicken substitute, breakfast items, snacks).
Sign up to be a Morningstar Insider and get special offers and coupons. After you sign up, you’ll receive via e-mail a 75c coupon off one package of Morningstar Farms Southwestern Style or Ginger Teriyaki Veggie Cakes.

Muir Glen.
(Organic canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, purees, soups, ketchup)
Join the Tomato Connoisseurs Club and receive an instant $1 coupon.

Nature Made
(Natural vitamins).
New members who sign in get three $1 coupons.

Nature’s One
Baby’s Own organic formula
$1 off coupon for any 32oz juice. Also, for every 24 proofs of purchase, you’ll get coupons for two free cans.

Nature’s Path
(Parent company to Envirokids, Weil, Organic Optimum, Nature’s Path Organic, cold and hot cereals, bars, waffles, breads, baking mixes).
See Publix Go Organic for current coupons.

Newmans Own Organic
(organic tomatoes, sauce, dressing, chocolate, peanut butter cups, dog treats and more).
$1 off any thin and crispy pizza here.

(Organic tea).
Selected boxes have a $1 off 2 boxes peel-off coupon.

(Natural juice).
See “Mambo Sprouts” for printable coupons.

Organic Prairie
(Organic meat).
Printable coupons for steak, hotdogs, deli meat, other.

Organic Valley
(Milk, cheese, cottage, cheese, butter).
Coupons for milk, soymilk, cheese, cottage cheese, butter. Also see Publix Go Organic, Mambo Sprouts and Health ESavers for current coupons.

Publix Greenwise
(Monthly magazine available at the front door at Publix and at the customer service desk that contains both Publix and manufacturer’s coupons. You can also get a free subscription delivered to your home.
The Spring 2009 issue of Publix Greenwise has the following coupons: $1 off Silk half gallon (exp. 5/30/09), $1 off any Seventh Generation product (exp. 5/31/09), $1 off any four 6 oz cups of Rachel’s yogurt (exp 5/30/09), $1 off any 2 Immaculate Baking Co. cookie doughs (exp. 5/30/09) and $1 off any half gallon Horizon Organic milk (exp 5/30/09)

Publix Go Organic! for Earth Day coupon booklet
Now available in Publix stores
Has the following coupons: $1 off any 3 Clif or Luna Bars, $1 any 2 Van's products, 75c off any RW Knudsen Family juice, $1 off any Barbara's organic cereal, 75c of any Santa Cruz Organic juice product, $1 off any 4 6oz cups or 1 32oz container of Stonyfield organic yogurt, $1 off any Nature's Path or Envirokids product, $1 off any Country Choice organic product, $1 off any 2 Seventh Generation products, $1 off any 2 Earthbound Farm packaged salads, $1 off any 2 Cascadian Farm products, $1 off any 2 Kashi Organic Promise cereal, $1 off any Traditional Medicinals product, $1 off any 2 Organic Valley products (All coupons expire on August 31, 2009)

PJ Madisons
(Organic ice cream)
Fill out a very brief survey and you’ll be able to view a 25c coupon.

Popcorn Indiana
(Natural popcorn).
See Delicious Living for current coupons.

Quantum Health
(Immune boosting supplements).
Several coupons on their website. Also see Health ESavers for more coupons.

See Publix Greenwise for current coupons.

Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Almond Dream
(Rice milk, soy milk, almond milk)
Sign up for a 75c coupon here . See Mambo Sprouts for additional Soy Dream coupons and Mambo Sprouts for additional Rice Dream coupons.

Rice Select
(Organic rice).
Sign up to the Rice Select Flavor club and get a $1 coupon in the mail and a free re-useable shopping bag. Also, see “Mambo Sprouts” for printable coupons.

(Natural pasta)
$1 printable coupon.

RW Knudsen Juice
(Natural and organic juices)
$1 off coupon for Sensible Sippers juice boxes. See also Publix Greenwise, Publix Go Organic and Delicious Living.

Santa Kruz Organic
(Organic juice, peanut butter )
50c off juice boxes, 75c off Peanut Butter. Also see Publix Go Organic and Delicious Living for current coupons.

Seventh Generation
(Natural cleaning products, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, diapers, wipes).
Coupons for diapers, wipes, laundry, cleaning, dishwashing products.

(Natural haircare, lotions, bronzers, facial care, shower gels)
Spring special of 20% off all original shampoos, everyday conditioner and henna gold.

(Natural soymilk).
Sign up to receive e-mail offers and they’ll instantly send you 55c coupon via email. See Publix Greenwise for additional current coupons.

SO Delicious.
(Dairy free ice cream and soy yogurt)
There’s a 50c coupon on the back of select boxes of ice cream bars.

(Health bars)
Printable coupon for $1 off 5 bars.

(Energy Drinks).
See Delicious Living for coupons.

Stonyfield Farm
(Organic milk, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream).
Coupons for yogurt, milk, smoothies, ice cream. See Publix Go Organic for additional coupons.

The Natural Dentist
(Toothpaste and mouth rinse).
2 printable coupon. Also, you can take the healthy mouth challenge. Purchase two 16oz products and if you’re not satisfied, send in your receipts along with the rebate form and proofs of purchase for a $10 rebate.

(Meatless Italian sausage, hot dogs, franks, jerky, deli slices, holiday products)
75c coupon for any Roast. See Health ESavers for additional coupons.

Tonnino Tuna.
See Delicious Living for current coupons.

Traditional Medicinals
(Organic medicinal teas).
See Publix Go Organic for coupons.

Yogi Organic Tea
They're currently offering free samples (I think the samples come with coupons).

(Natural, wheat-free waffles and breakfast sandwiches).
See Publix Go Organic for coupons.

Has an in-store publication called The Whole Deal which contains Mambo Sprouts coupons. However, they are only for in-store use, so you may have to check with your store to see if they are accepting competitor’s coupons before using them.
The April 1-May 31, 2009 issue has coupons for the following 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods brand) items: $1 of organic salad dressings, BOGO pasta, BOGO facial tissue. Others: $1 off 2 Odwalla, 75c off 2 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, 70c off one Back to Nature product, 50c off one Ians, $1 off one Oikos product, $1 offf Arico chips/cookies, 50c off ThinkThin/thinkGreen bars, 765 c off one Thai Kitchen, 55c off 1 Balance bar, $1 off 1 Lifeway product, $1 off 2 Krispers products, $1.50 off 2 Nature’s Path cereals, 50c off Indiana popcorn, $1 off Fiji multi-pack water, $1 off 1 Annie’s Naturals dressing, $1 off Seeds of Change rice/grains or simmer sauce, $2 off 2 Organic Valley Cheeses, $1 off Organic Valley butter, $1 off Organic Valley half and half quart or 2 half and half pints, $1 off Bear Naked Granola, $1.50 off 2 Kashi cereals, $1 off 2 Rudi’s Organic, $1 off 2 Vans, 55c off San-J Tamari, 50c off 1 Tasty Bite, $1 off Cascadian Farm cereal, Buy 5 get 1 free Stonyfield Farm yogurt, $1 off Hylands Calms Forte, $2 off Spectrum Flax Seed oils/capsules, $1 off Udo’s Oil.

Wolfgang Puck Soup
(Organic soups).
See Mambo Sprouts for coupons.

(Energy Drinks)
See Delicious Living for current coupons.

If you're looking for other coupons that aren't necessarily natural and organic, click here.

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