Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dark Knight DVD for $4.99 at Publix

I noticed this morning that "The Dark Knight" Batman DVD is for sale this week at Publix. The sale price is $12.99 and there is a $5 coupon in the current Publix Happy Holidays Savings flyer which would make it $7.99. But then Candace mentioned that she bought a pizza from Papa Johns this week and they are currently sticking a manufacturer’s coupon on all boxes for $3 off! So if you stack the coupons, you’ll get it for $4.99! Target is selling it for $17.99 this week. Nice detective work Candace!


  1. The four Publix stores near me have been out of this since last Wednesday night...

  2. Lolly - Be sure to get a raincheck on the sale price so that you can still take advantage of the deal after it ends on Wednesday.


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