Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sample Sunday

Here’s this week’s list of free samples. To check out other samples that may be available from previous weeks, visit my Sample Sunday page.

Lipstock Chapstock (natural, free of artificial fragrance and preservatives)
Life Gear Glow Stick (great for an emergency kit)
Glad Force Flex Bags
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
Sabatino Tartufi Black Truffle Gourmet Olive Oil
(100 ml)
Flexitol Heel Balm
Head and Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner (7 types to choose from)

Three great places for free samples are Walmart, Vocalpoint and Proctor and Gamble. When samples become available, I post them each week.

If you visit the free samples section, you’ll see samples that are currently available that I’ve blogged about previously. There’s no sign up at Wal-Mart – you simply give them your name and address and they ship you the product.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to sign up at Vocalpoint, I highly recommend that you do so. This week, you can get a free Crest spa hair band from Vocalpoint. There are a lot of sites out there claiming to give away free samples when you sign up, but many of the sites simply bombard you with ads or even worse, want you to go through a lengthy “qualifying process” where they make you purchase products. I know I certainly don’t want to sign up to Netflix, Blockbuster and apply for a credit card to get a free Chapstick! Vocalpoint is a legitimate site that often sends its members freebies. I signed up a while ago and don’t go to the Vocalpoint site very often, but I’ve received several samples and very valuable coupons in the mail (they often send coupons in sets of 5), including free Kashi with coupons, coupons for tuna, a free razor and more.

Proctor & Gamble
Another great free sample site is run by Proctor and Gamble. Free samples direct from the manufacturer! This week, you can get more Pantene and a sample of Tide.

Remember, when signing up for free samples, you will be required to send in an e-mail address. I recommend you set up a special e-mail address especially for this purpose to avoid filling your everyday inbox with mail from product suppliers. Happy sampling!

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