Thursday, December 18, 2008

80% Again!

Usual prices at are $10 for a $25 gift certificate. Use code CELEBRATE through 12/31 and get 80% off that price. So you'll get your $25 certificate for only $2. If you purchase any certificates as a result of clicking on the links on my blog, you'll not only save big on dining out, but you'll also be supporting my blog. My fave is the dinner of the month club: Three month club - Three $25 gift certificates ($75 value) for only$6; six month club – Seven $25 gift certificates ($175 value) for $12; twelve month club – Twelve $25 gift certificates and a $50 gift certificate ($350) for $24. Now that's eating out like an Affluent Pauper!


  1. How do the 3,6,& 12 month deals work? Is it good at any restaurant in any city as long as you only use it once a month?

  2. You sign up and they load the certificates in to your account. I signed up for 6 months and noticed that once a month they credited me with a certificate and they sent me an e-mail reminder that it's there. We used one coupon in the first month, skipped a couple of months and then used three in one month, etc. You can use them in any city so they're great for vacations (as long as you're near a printer so you can figure out which restaurant you want to go to and can print out the certificate).


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