Monday, February 9, 2009

Contact Manufacturers to Request Organic and Natural Foods Coupons

Last week I made three posts regarding organic and natural foods coupons:

1) A list of manufacturers of organic and natural products that currently have coupons in circulation either on their website or through flyers
2) Manufacturers that offer specials and coupons if you sign up to their online lists
3) Manufacturers that don’t currently have specials or coupons but with links to their sites in the event that you would like to contact them directly to request coupons.

On the last post, I encouraged readers to contact their favorite companies to request coupons.

Many people wonder if contacting a company to request coupons really works. Well, after I put up the last post, I received a comment from Consumer Services Manager, April Riggs at Sweet Leaf Tea Co. April commented “Thank you for adding Sweet Leaf Tea to your coupon search list! We are happy to help consumers experience our products. Send us an email through our website requesting a coupon!” Thanks for your comment April and I’ll move your company to my “available coupons” list next month.

Now head on over to Sweet Leaf Tea Co. and ask for your coupon! Also, if you've asked other companies for coupons and received them, let me know.

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  1. Thanks. I emailed Quorn and they sent me 6! coupons. Plus, their products are on sale at Kroger right now.


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