Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Provide Feedback – Get New Clothes and Shoes for Free

Apparel companies often give products to adults and children in exchange for valuable feedback which will enable them to improve their products. They want to know – Is their product a comfortable fit? Does it hold up with regular wear and tear? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?

Often, this testing is done internally with staff at the company’s headquarters. At other times, they seek testers from the public. If you’re interested in wear testing apparel, including shoes, Nike and New Balance are currently looking for wear testers. Companies often require that you return the items with the evaluation form after the testing period, so if you’re OK with wearing free clothes and footwear for a few weeks or months and returning them and you’re diligent about giving feedback, then this might be for you (now if I could just figure out how to wear test a car without paying for a lease, that’d be cool!). You’ll need to be accurately measured (you can get measured with a Brannock device at your local shoe store) and have a friend take other measurements. You’ll then need to complete an application along with a profile and wait to see if you’re selected.

If you know of other companies currently offer wear tests to the public, please let me know!

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