Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to Get $15 of Free Stuff from JCPenney

OK, so you may have seen info. on various blogs about the $5 coupon that you can obtain by signing up at Well, here’s how you can turn that in to $15 worth of free stuff and get more than $5 back.

Thanks to Little People Wealth for posting the following steps (I’ve added my extra comments in orange):

STEP ONE: Go to JCPenney and scroll to the bottom left of the screen to find the rewards club banner and sign up for the JC Penney Rewards club using the code 3008 (remember to enter the code or they won’t give you the coupon). You do not need to register a credit/debit card to get the rewards. You can continue through that step without entering a card number and go back to it later if you want. You will get a $5 reward - print it out!

STEP TWO: Go to Ebates and use their link into JCPenney (this will give you an additional 4% back). If you’re new to Ebates, they’ll send you $5 just for registering.

STEP THREE: Choose what you want. You will need to pick out at least $15 in merchandise. The outlet section has items 50-80% off!

STEP FOUR: Checkout! Use the "promotion code" REWARD (gives you $10 off $10) and the "Rewards Certificate" is the numbers on the form you printed out for step one (gives you $5 off).

STEP FIVE: Ebates will automatically credit you with an extra 4% of your order :) and you’ll get an extra $5 if you’re a new member. There you have it...$15 in free stuff from JC Penney and at least $5 back from Ebates - have fun!

Thanks Little People Wealth for letting us know about this. I got a tools playset for my boys (originally $29.99, on sale for $9.99) and some PJ pants for myself (originally $30, on sale for $9.99). I got $15 off my order, had to pay $5.95 for s&h for a total of $11.59. I’ll also get around $5.22 back from ebates. If I was a petite, I would have ordered 6 turtlenecks (they’re on sale for $2.99 so I would have paid a total of $8.92 to have them delivered to my doorstep!)

If you take advantage of this deal, let me know what you got. And if you happen to know when the REWARDS coupon code expires, leave a comment.

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