Sunday, September 21, 2008

Your Feedback is Welcome

It's my pleasure hunting down and writing about all the best bargains so that we can all live large on very little. Now I would love to hear from you.

Please click on “leave a comment” on my blog (at this posting or other postings you find helpful) to let me know what information you find helpful. I would also love to hear your success stories and challenges in trying to live like an Affluent Pauper. Help me keep delivering the information that you find helpful. Tell me what you would like to see on and I will do my best to deliver.

If you’ve had a particularly exciting shopping trip, send me an e-mail at If possible, take a picture of what you bought or scan a copy of your receipt. Who knows? You might find that your story may be the feature article on!


  1. You know something that would be helpful to me? I love shopping at CVS, RA and Wags, but I usually only buy the items that are money-makers or free. I then go to Costco to buy staples like TP and paper towels. It occurred to me that you ought to write about finding an amazing deal at one of these drug stores on something like that--as in, the item might not be FREE, but it's the best deal out there on that particular product. (I haven't seen this concept covered on any of the blogs I subscribe to yet.) I realize I could find this information out myself, but it would be a lot of work--travelling to different stores and then recording all various prices in a Price Book, but I bet you already know some of this info from writing this blog. Am I right? :)

  2. Hi Diana –I highly recommend you buy two copies of the Sunday paper that has coupons in it (here in Atlanta, it’s the AJC and sign up for The Grocery Game (small fee) or Coupon Mom (free). I’m a big Grocery Gamer and the small fee they charge pays for itself immediately (and you avoid the hassle of a price book). I average about $400 of free stuff every month by reading the nicely formatted and concise reports. With the Grocery Game, you select the stores you are interested in tracking and you then log on to obtain a report that outlines the current sales and what coupons were available in the newspaper to match the sales. The savings are amazing. It will become the norm for you to pay 49c for a deodorant that costs $4.29 or to pick up Colgate Total toothpaste for free (there's a slew of everyday items that I no longer pay for - they're always free - I'll put posting up on this soon). This week, I’ll go to Kroger and pick up Suave shampoo, conditioner, iced tea and tums smoothies absolutely free because they are free after coupons. I'll then pop over to CVS and use my ECBs to purchase moisturizer, deodorant and body washes. I'll pay nothing and then after I've handed over my ECBS, I'll get more ECBs back for 100% of the retail price of the items, which I will use for more free items next week. I have even found better deals on paper towel at CVS than at Costco!

    I considered listing the sales on my blog, but it wouldnt be in the best interest of my blog readers as it is being done SO effectively on the Grocery Game and Coupon Mom sites that I would have to hire a full time staff to do it as well as they can. If you’re interested in the Grocery Game, let me know and I’ll send you a link (I get credit for referral). I highly recommend signing up for their $1 30-day trial to see if you like it.

    I recommend allocating a morning to reading the Grocery Game instructions and setting up a good categorized coupon file and allocate 1/2 hr - 1hr per week on a Sunday or Monday(in front of the TV works well) to file your coupons away and make your grocery list for the week based on the report.

    I hope this helps. If you need help navigating the Grocery Game or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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