Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free College Money with Upromise e-Coupons

If you haven’t already signed up for Upromise to get free money put in to a child’s college fund each time you shop, be sure to sign up for free. You then register your credit cards and store cards on the Upromise site and every time you use your cards for eligible purchases at one of over 40,000 merchants (you probably don’t pass a day without presenting your card to at least one of the merchants on the list - grocery stores, restaurants, fast food, etc.), you'll automatically get a percentage of your spending back into your Upromise account that goes towards college expenses such as tuition, books, an eligible 529 college savings plan, or an eligible student loan. You can check back periodically and see how much you much you’ve made! Even if you don’t have a child yourself, think about how much you can effortlessly contribute to a relative or to a friend’s child. It’s a great way to give free money to someone you love.

They’ve also introduced a program called e-Coupons. (On the Upromise website, click on "earn rewards to see the coupons). This is not to be confused with a printable coupon. This is how it works… Let’s say Upromise has a $1 e-Coupon for Huggies diapers this week on their site (this week they have 20 e-coupons available). You click on the Huggies coupon and any other e-coupons you want and then activate them. You then head to your local Publix, Kroger, Ingles or CVS (who are participating in this program) and when you purchase your Huggies, Upromise will deposit $1 in to your Upromise account. Ofcourse, as an Affluent Pauper, you would want to be sure that those Huggies are on sale and that you’re using manufacturer’s coupons to get the best prices. I wish Upromise had named the program something more appropriate like “e-contributions” or something, because the $1 e-coupon is a contribution to your account, so it won’t affect the final amount on your bill like a manufacturer’s coupon would. Badly named or not… this is free money for the taking!

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