Saturday, September 13, 2008

This Season's Clothing at a Discount!

Thanks to Christel for mentioning this. Here’s one for all those Affluent Paupers who love brand-name clothing bargains…

Are you tired about finding out about on-line sales too late? Well, now you can give Shop It to Me your preferences and have them do the searching for you, sort of like an online personal bargain shopper. For example, say you’re a big fan of Seven jeans and would love a pair in size 8, but you’ll only buy them if you can get a bargain. You enter that information in to Shop It to Me and they’ll shoot you an e-mail when that pair of jeans in your size goes on sale. You can even set your e-mail preferences to receive e-mails daily, weekly or semi-weekly (but you’ll only get an e-mail of course if an item you’ve specified has gone on sale in your size). So next time I see an ultra-cute outfit at babyGap, I’ll put it on Shop It to Me and wait for them to tell me when it goes on sale!

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