Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free Revlon and Covergirl at Publix This Week

For all the Grocery Gamers - this week's list has a huge miss - you can get FREE Revlon beauty tools and free Covergirl eyeshadow. Today, I got one Revlon deluxe nail clipper, one Revlon pedicure clipper, and two Covergirl eye shadows for free! Get a copy of the Publix "Big Savings for the Whole Family" coupon flyer (coupons valid Aug 30-Sept 26). In there, you'll find a $2 off coupon for any Revlon beauty tool and a $2 off coupon for any Covergirl product. Here's how I used them:

Nail clipper price: $2.39 - $2 Publix coupon - $1 Revlon coupon that was recently in the paper = FREE (and made 61c)
Pedicure clipper price: $2.99 - $2 Publix coupon - $1 Revlon coupon = FREE
Covergirl eye shadow price: $2.99 - $2 Publix coupon - $1 Covergirl coupon that was recently in paper = FREE.

Below is what I got today on my grocery shopping trip. Usual retail would have been $104.77. I saved $61.54, so I only paid $43.23. I stocked up on pasta sauce (it never goes to waste), frozen veges and soup (good to have on hand for winter days). I didn't need to buy bread or meat this week as I stocked up from previous weeks. This week we're having chicken curry, potato gnocchi, beef tips with mashed potato and brocolli and burrito bowls (like at Chipotle).

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