Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Starbucks Ice Cream

I don't usually post all the grocery freebies that you can get - I generally defer to The Grocery Game and Coupon Mom as the most efficient way to do that, but I just had to post this one. In the paper yesterday, there was a $2 coupon off Starbucks Ice Cream. Usually retailing at $3.60 a tub, its buy one get one free this week at Publix, so it pans out to $1.80. I had two coupons, so Starbucks essentially paid me to buy their ice cream. And the ice cream is soooo good! I bought the Mocha Frappucino ice cream and it's amazingly good. I don't drink coffee, but for some reason I like it in my ice cream and chocolate. So the next time I'm exhausted and my kids won't nap, I'll run over to my secret Starbucks stash in the freezer for a pick me up! Yey for free Starbucks!

If you want try your hand out at making all the awesome Starbucks goodies that you love, check out my previous post on How to Make Starbucks Treats at Home.

Update - So here I am enjoying my creamy deliciousness and I noticed on the pint that Starbucks ice cream has it's own site. Click here for a $1.50 off coupon. If you hit the back button a few times, you'll be able to print it twice. More ice cream please!


  1. I tried the Java Chip Frappucino. Delish! Super Walmart has the ice cream reduced to $2.50. I can't wait to use the coupon from the inserts this week.

  2. The coupon printed for me as $1.00 not $1.50.


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