Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free Combo Meal at Chick-fil-A on July 10

Chick-fil-A's annual Cow Appreciation Day is back! Head off to Chick-fil-A on July 10 fully dressed as a cow and receive a free combo meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). If you can't quite do the full attire (if you're just wearing a shirt, hat, etc.), you'll still get a free entree for your effort. OK, so I'm generally of the opinion that if you're really got to work for your freebie, then it's not really a freebie, but this is actually a really fun event if you have kids, so go ahead and give it a try! No costume? No worries! Chick-fil-A has a "costume kit" on their site where you can print out some cutouts to make your own basic costume and they have cute photo suggestions (white t-shirt and pants or a dress with black dots will be easy).

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