Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walgreens Diapers for $2.50 per Pack

Walgreens jumbo packs of diapers are 2/$9 this week (thru 3/21). $4.50 a pack. Hot deal. But because you're a smart shopper, you can get them for merely $2.50 a pack!

Go to your pharmacy and pick up the red "$50 in Great Savings" booklet and use the $2 coupon that's in there (it expires on 6/30/09). This turns out to around 7-9c per diaper - the retail price on most diapers is 25 or 26c).

Last time Walgreens had a deal like this, I ordered a special shipment from my local Walgreens manager in order to take full advantage of this offer. For the coupon, the register will usually take $2 off each pack, but it depends on your store's register (I've been to the same store and one day it will take $2 off each pack and the next day it will limit it to one pack per transaction). Remember that since the $2 coupon is a Walgreens coupon rather than a manufacturer's coupon, you can keep it and re-use it. In my opinion, the Walgreens premium diapers (the ones in the green pack) are of similar quality to the high end brands.

Remember - if they don't have the size you want, get a raincheck so you can go back at any time in the next few months to get the same deal.

And... if you took advantage of the Huggies deal I wrote about last week, this is a great way to use up your $10 register receipts that you received.


  1. My pharmacy said I had to be on medicaid part D to get the coupon book. Is there another way to get the booklet of coupons?

  2. Hi. I went to the pharmacy and got the coupon book but there wasn't a coupon for the Wallgreens diapers. Where did you get yours? Thanks for all the really helpful tips!


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