Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Buy 5 Items, Get $5 in Savings

Another rebate form worth keeping on hand... If you purchase 5 items from the following list: Hungry Man dinners, Aunt Jemima Pancakes, Mrs. Pauls Fish Sticks, Duncan Hines Brownies, Van de Camps Fish Sticks, Pinnacle Foods Group will send you five $1 savings coupons. For more info. and the rebate form, click here. I'm going to use this and purchase Lenders bagels. I know that Publix often has these bagels "buy one get one free", so they work out to less than $1 per packet when they're on sale. I'll purchase 5 packets for under $5 (if they go on sale before this offer ends) and get $5 in savings back from Pinnacle. You must purchase the items by 3/31/09.

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  1. This is great I just bought some of this stuff today! Woo hoo.


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