Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to School Deals Week of Aug 3 09

There are still lots of deals to be had, but the deals are starting to die off a little (except at CVS and Walgreens!). I’m seeing quite a few buy one get one free and buy two get one free deals. These are the best deals you’ll find this week so stock up now before the season is over!

CVS (3 day sale thru 8/4/09)
Free after ECBs:
Caliber or CVS 1ct pencil/ink eraser, 3 pk glue stick, 2 pk sticky notes (limit 2)
Caliber or CVS 1 subject 70 pg notebook (limit 2)
Caliber or CVS ballpoint pens 20ct, or 10 ct wooden pencils (limit 2)
Caliber or It’s Academic compass or protractor (limit 2)
Caliber or It’s Academic 5” pointed or blunt tip scissors (limit 2)
Caliber or It’s Acadmic 12” flexi ruler (limit 2)
Caliber or It’s Academic Stretchable Book Cover (limit 2)
2 pocket poly portfolio (limit 2)
Buy any stationery item, get a select writing instrument for 1c (highlighters, pens, etc.)

Walgreens (sale thru 8/8/09)
9c – 2 pocket Penway folder (limit 6 with Walgreens coupon)
19c – White posterboard 22x28”, 10/pk Penway yellow pencils
19c (limit 3) – Legal pad or highlighter
29c (limit 6) – 100/pk paper clips, 6 pack papermate highlighters, 2 pk pink or 15/pk cap erasers, ruler.
39c (limit 6) - Index cards 100/pk white or 70/pk colored
59c (limit 6) – 20pk Corner Office Stick pens, It’s Academic clip on sharpener and eraser, 5 or 8/pk Penway mechanical pencils, Dual hole sharpener, scented pencil, animal or skateboard eraser
69c – School box, 8-24 pack Penway crayons
99c (limit 12) – Bookcovers, 120-page Penway 3 subject notebook, 5/pk Corner Office dividers, Pilot Easy Touch retractable pens, Penway 10 pc pencil sharpener and eraser set, 5” Fiskars Kids scissors, 10/pk Crayola markers, 7 oz Elmers Glue
8/$1(limit 16) – Fashion pencils (use Walgreens coupon)

Staples (sale thru 8/8/09)
Keep an eye out for the “$10 Staples Gift Card when you spend $30” coupon in the Sunday paper.
75c – Accel 1 subject 8x10 ½ notebook 100 sheets
$1 (Limit 2 per customer per item) – Staples Delta retractable gel pens 2/pk, Westcott 7” Bent handle scissors, Zebra Z-Grip retractable ballpoint pens, medium 7/pk, RoseArt washable watercolors 8/pk, Staples photo plus 4x6” paper gloss 60/pk, Foohy Petz assorted monkey head cap erasers 10/pk, Papermate Shaprwriter 0.7mm mechanical pencils 5/pk, Staples clear blue sticks 4/pk, Staples 3-hole binder punch
$2 – Ream of Staples multipurpose paper
$10 HP copy paper 5 ream case (reg 39.98-19.99 easy rebate)
1c – (Sun-Wed only) – 8 x 10 ½ filler paper 120 sheets

OfficeMax (sale thru 8/8/09)
1 c – 2 pocket basic or prong folders, 12 wood ruler (limit 3)
10c – Officemax #2 pencils 12/pk, OfficeMax Wide or college ruled filler paper (limit 3)
50c – Composition book, wide or college ruled 100 sheet (limit 6)

Office Depot (sale thru 8/8/09)
5c - Office Depot pencil pouch
10c – Tug Pencil Sharpener
25c – 10/pk Papermate #2 pencils
50 c – Filler paper 150 sheets
99c – Office Depot 12” acrylic ruler for binders, Shaprie Accent 6/pk highlighters, Office Depot composition book 100 pages, Liquid Paper Smooth Coverage, 100/pk paperclips, Papermate ballpoint 10/pk pens.
Free Scholastic glue with any purchase of $5 or more.
Go to http://www.myprojectbackpack/ to design a backpack and get your choice of 2 free Sharpie markers
Get a 20% off coupon to Footlocker with any office Depot purchase from 7/26-9/5/09.

Target (sale thru 8/8/09)
40c 100/pk white index cards
50c Jumbot Target glue stick
$1 fashion notebooks and pencil boxes

Kroger (sale thru 8/8/09)
11c – Esselte portfolios
4/$1 – Top flight 70 ct 1 subject notebooks

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