Wednesday, August 26, 2009

$25 Restaurant Gift Certs for $2

Ever get the feeling that sales and coupons go in cycles? Well, if you get that feeling, you'd be right!

80% off at is back again. From now until 8/31, you’ll only pay $2 for $25 gift certificates at with coupon code TASTE. Go ahead, type in your zip code, and you’ll find that there are plenty of restaurants near you that participate.Most restaurants have a stipulation that your bill needs to be at least $35 in order to use the certificate (so essentially, if your bill is $35, it will cost you the $2 that you paid for the certificate plus an additional $10 – that’s a meal for a steal and a great way to do date night on the cheap). If you purchase a $50 gift certificate for $4, the general rule is that your bill must be over $100.

My fave is the dinner of the month club:3 month club - Three $25 gift certificates plus a $10 gift cert ($85 value) for $66 month club – Seven $25 gift certificates ($175 value) for $1212 month club – Twelve $25 gift certificates and a $50 gift certificate ($350) for $24

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