Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gifts on a Budget – Amazon 70% off Sale

Has Amazon always had a 70% off section? I just discovered it! If you’re looking for high-quality gifts at a discount, this is the place to be. As I’m typing this, there are 24 pages of items at 70% off. You can search by item and price (bottom left hand corner of the screen). In the $0-$24 range there are 1160 items and in the $25-$49 range, there are 342 items. Examples? A 5pc serving set for $17.38 (reg. $100), a Black and Decker Saw for $23.54 (reg. $114.41), a triple scoop ice cream maker for $29.99 (reg. $99.99), a bathrobe for $28.46 (reg. $100), 510 thread count sheets for $23.06 (reg. $110), Tommy Hilfiger sheet set for $18.90 (reg. $90), George Foreman Outdoor Grill Stand $16 (reg. $65), Satin Sheets for $17.27 (reg. $59.99), a $400 electric skillet for $51.27 , a Waring Professional Blender for $50.17 (reg. $225), Nordic Ware Cookware $55.80 (reg. $280). As you can see above, any items over $25 come with free shipping. If you do a google search for Coupon Codes you’ll find various Amazon discount codes, but I didn’t find any that pertain to the items in this portion of the site. If you know of any, let me know!

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  1. You found some good stuff, I think I'm going to have to go and check it out, thanks for the info!


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