Monday, August 4, 2008

Today’s Shopping Trip – August 4th

OK, so maybe I just set a shopping record. I went to CVS earlier today to purchase some items. I left my wallet at home (ugh!), but the kind CVS cashier offered to put my items aside until my return. After picking up the kids, watching my son ride his bike, cooking dinner, feeding and bathing the kids and cleaning the dishes, I had to get back to work, so my better half kindly offered to run back to CVS (with lots of coupons in hand). Here’s what happened…

I had a $25 ECB and he surrendered it, along with $1.81 for a grand total of $26.81. Below is a picture of what he purchased with it (believe it or not, the retail price on all this would have been $92.53 primarily due to the makeup). He actually paid full price for the two packs of gum and the gummies because the total amount was a deficit amount and he was stumped on what to do, so he bought the candy so that he would actually pay some sort of cash at the register (me: “I could have given you coupons for that!”). After he paid, we got $15.79 worth of ECBs back, in addition to a coupon for FREE CVS Brand Aspirin, a $3 coupon off Excedrin, $1 off CVS Pantyliners and $1 off Reach Floss. At this point the cashier said to my husband, “Wow! I’ve never seen anyone use coupons so well! We just paid you like $17 to take our stuff! Give my regards to your wife!”

That’s not all. I plan to send in the “buy $5 of Pert and Sure products and get a $5 rebate” coupon from the S 6/29 flyer.

Have I mentioned recently how much I truly LOVE CVS?

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