Monday, August 25, 2008

Dollar Tree Direct

OK, so we’ve all been there – we’ve gone down to the Dollar Store to find random items for parties, favors, etc., and they don’t quite have what we want, or they have what we want, but they don’t have enough in stock.

Save yourself the drive and check out the Dollar Tree website. They have lots of items, and for a limited time, they will ship your order to your local Dollar Tree for free! (there’s usually a small shipping charge). Everything is $1 per piece or under. They have a range of stemware on their site (if you need stemware for a wedding, it’s almost cheaper than renting it!), storage boxes, toys, puzzles, coloring books (including Disney and Fisher Price), crayons, teaching supplies, art and craft supplies (perfect for donating to schools), wedding favors and boxes, children’s party favors, trays and platters, floral supplies and much more! Thanks to Ginger for bringing this to my attention!

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  1. Beware the fine print: a $4.95 handling fee applies to each order.


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