Monday, August 11, 2008

My Shopping Trip - August 9th

We have quite a bit in our stockpile now and after taking inventory of the veges still in our fridge and the fruit in our bowl, I didnt have to buy much. We also got quite a few tomatoes, some eggplant and squash from a friend's yard. I spent a total of $35.40 and will get a free movie ticket in the mail because of the M&Ms purchase. Regular retail would have been $73.63 (ofcourse, I wouldn't normally stockpile that many M&Ms, but the price of the candy after coupons was much cheaper than the movie ticket and not to mention, I'm running out of my candy stash in my office). All the pens were FREE by using the printable BIC coupons on my blog this week, the iced tea was the Publix mystery item of the week, so it was only 1c. I also bought the coloring books for my little guy because they were only $1.25 and all the stickers will keep him occupied for a while (you'll find the same books for as much as $4.99 usually).
This week we're having, among other things, garlic and ginger BBQ pork and pinapple skewers with chive-infused rice (chives from my son's little herb garden), pasta matriciana (with lots of our friend's fresh tomatoes, our own oregano and parsley and the pasta and bacon stockpiled from previous weeks), oven-baked chicken breasts with chicken herb noodles and brocolli. And yes, as for the bread flour, I've started making my own bread. I like to buy "real" bread (not the all-the-high-fructose-corn-syrup-you-can-get type that is usually on sale). I estimate that it costs me 60c per loaf for traditional bread and around $1.10 for organic. So far I've made lots of different types, but that's a whole other blog topic!

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