Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's Shopping Trip

I’ve heard from a few of you that you miss my postings of how much I save on my shopping trips. So I did my weekly shopping trip today at Kroger and Walgreens. Today’s stockpile items: apple juice and body wash. Here’s what I bought today for $36.36 combining sales and coupons. Retail would have been $89.52. Oh, and I bought a big head of broccoli that didn’t make it in to the picture and I splurged $1.49 on that one little avocado.

And, after paying at Walgreens, I received a $3 coupon off my next purchase in addition to an unexpected coupon which entitles me to “buy 4, get $4, buy 8, get $10 off my next order of Colgate”. This was generated by me purchasing 3 Olay Ribbons body washes. Since you can always get toothpaste for under $1 using coupons, this translates to more free toothpaste! Yey! The machine also popped out a $3 off coupon for Dove Skin Vitalizer.

This week we’re having linguine with chicken and basil, tuna avocado wraps, fish with veggies, spaghetti and meatballs with salad. (I have the pasta, tuna, fish and meatballs in my stockpile and there are some veggies still in the fridge from last week). I may even get creative and try bacon-wrapped chicken breasts.

A stop at CVS and I purchased Revlon makeup using some ECBs and a $2 coupon. I got a lipstick (usually $12.99) for 19c and after paying, it gave me a new ECB worth $9.99. There's nothing like getting paid to buy lipstick!

We’re already stocked up on diapers from all the free diapers earlier this month at Walgreens and I’ll make a quick stop at Walmart later this week to get a can of formula (using a $3 off coupon of course).

To see how I managed to get all this for such a low price, check out what's on sale at your local store and use your coupons!

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