Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Wireless Internet Access

A few months ago, my internet connection went out due to some local construction. So I packed up my laptop and headed to my local Starbucks, where I paid around $10 to get connected (now that I’m more conscious of the fact that there’s free stuff everywhere, I know I could have received two hours of free access if I had registered a Starbucks card, but at the time, in my desperation to finish an urgent deadline, I paid it).

If you need access to free wi-fi, there are plenty of local and nationwide locations where you can get free access. Just scratching the surface, you’ll find participating libraries, McDonalds, Panera, Krystal, Caribou Coffee, Atlanta Bread Co., Office Depot and Whole Foods.

Check out WifiFreeSpot for a list of spots in your area so you can log on without spending a dime. Keep in mind that companies are continually opening new locations or adding this feature for free, so if you see a chain that offers free wi-fi in one area (think McDonalds), chances are, it’s offered for free in your area too, so call before you head out the door. If you telecommute regularly, the price of gas is getting you down or you just simply need to get out of your usual workspace to clear your head, you may want to save the WifiFreeSpot link as a bookmark on your browser (or keep in mind your local locations in the event that construction kicks out your connection).

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  1. It's true so many places are offering free Wi-Fi these days. Only, be careful not to confuse free with offered. Because the McDonald's in Grayson, GA charges you to get on their network but Wendy's does not and of course the library is always great, if you can get an empty seat.


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