Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes Spending More is the Wise Choice

I was having a conversation with a close friend the other day about kids shoes. She explained that earlier that day, she'd spent more than she intended to on her daughter's shoes and was feeling a twinge of guilt over what she'd spent, even though the shoes were of higher quality.

Sometimes it makes sense to spend more on an item. I had to buy a new pair of shoes for my son recently and decided to go the least expensive route - a pair at Walmart for $11. Six weeks in to school, and he came home on Thursday with half an inch missing from the front of those shoes! Yes, he had somehow worn out the front and part of the shoe actually fell off! There I was, wishing that I had splurged on that pair of Bass shoes that I recently saw at the outlet. They cost twice as much, but probably would have seen him through the entire school year. My mom's words rang in my ears "you always had second hand clothes, but one thing we always spent money on was your shoes!"

A couple of days after our conversation, I found a store online called 6PM. They stock all the best brands of shoes (including my favorite, Bass) and apparel, but at huge discounts up to 75% off (think a $54 pair of kids shoes for $17 or less, or a women's pair of Rockports for $19, down from a retail price of $100). There is a $6.95 shipping fee, so it's best to go when you have to buy multiple items.

There are certain things that I'd prefer to pay a little bit more for and I've come to realize that one of those things is shoes. A good pair of shoes may not only be be a better choice for your pocketbook, but may also be a better choice for your comfort, your posture, and well... nice shoes can make the rest of your outfit look new!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I'll have to check out "6PM".

  2. I love love love - I bought my husband a pair of Red Wing shoes for work recently for $25!! Of course I bought myself some boots that I had been eyeing for weeks the second they were on sale too! I'm all about good shoes, but I hate the price - thanks for sharing this information!


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