Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Printable Coupons

Coupons.com has some great coupons at the moment. My favorites? The first is a $1 coupon for Playtex gloves. Between all the dish washing and house cleaning that goes on around here, I always need a supply of these. With the coupon you can get a pair for merely 50c as they're on sale this week at Kroger. They're also on sale at Publix, but you'll pay $1 (these are usually very close to $3 a pair).

The second is a coupon for Barbara's Natural Cereal (buy one get one free at Kroger this week, so you'll get it for around $1.25 after coupon.

Be sure to check your store circulars and print your coupons as soon as you can before they're removed.

Other coupons include Yoplait Fiber One (get a four pack at Publix this week for only 25c with the coupon), Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit ($1.89 reduced from $4.79 with coupon at Publix), Betty Crocker Potatoes (only 10c at Publix after coupon - I personally prefer the real thing, but I stock up on these for my emergency supply kit), General Mills cereals (around $1.40 per box this week at Publix after coupon, and $1.50 per box for Honey Nut Cheerios at Kroger - boxes of cereal are generally upwards of $4), Ronzoni pasta (it often goes on sale and you can get it at a steal), Steamfresh frozen veggies (another item that often sells at 50% off so you'll get it for pennies with the coupon when it goes on sale), Flinstones vitamins, Truvia Sweetener (on sale at Publix), Yoplait, Quilted Northern toilet tissue, Larabar, and so many more.

Check out the entire list here. Save the link and check it regularly. You'll save a lot on your groceries and you'll also be supporting my blog as Affluent Pauper is affiliated with Coupons.com.

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