Wednesday, September 9, 2009

$25 Restaurant Gift Certs for $1!

Whoa! For the first time ever, you can get 90% off all purchases. Use code NINETY and pay $1 for every $25 gift cert. thru 9/13/09 3:01 AM PST at Or even better, get the Restauant of the Month Club where you'll get twelve $25 gift certs and a free $50 cert for merely $12.

I love to keep these handy for the occassions when we're out and about and need to stop somewhere to eat or to go out for dinner or lunch with friends every so often. My favorite place to use these is Doc Greens. Doc Greens has a stipulation that you need to buy $35 worth of food in order to use your $25 gift cert, but when you split the bill with friends and share the coupon, everyone wins! The Restaurant of the Month Club also makes a great gift.

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