Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to School Deals - Week of 7/12

OK, it's officially time to stock up on school, office and craft supplies! Get 'em while they're hot!

Staples (1c deals valid thru 7/15/09, all others thru 7/18)
(the Sunday paper has a $5 off any $20 coupon in it)
Copy paper 1c (reg. $3.69). Limit 2.
#2 yellow pencils 1c ( reg. 99c). Limit 2.
$1 2/pk of kids scissors
$1 5/pk BIC Stylo-Brite colored ball pens
$1 photo plus gloss paper (rg $9.99)
$1 6/pk sharpie Accent markers
$1 3/pk wedge erasers
$1 stapler
$1 2/pk white out
$1 850” roll Scotch Magic tape
$1 white plastic pencil cases
BOGO (buy one get one free):
Crayola 10/pk markers
4/pk Sharpie
Jumbo paper clips
Papermate mechanical pencils
Staples spiral notepads
P-touch labelmaker $9.99 (usually $20)

OfficeMax (sale thru 7/18)
1c RoseArt 2/pk highlighters
50c Schoolio Von Hoolio 10/pk washable markers (reg. $1.99)
10c OfficeMax Metal Compass (reg. 99c)
5c 6” plastic protractor (reg. 99c). Limit 3.
99c Westcott Microban scissors (reg. $2.59). Limit 3.
99c OfficeMax Jumbo glue stick 2/pk ($1.99) Limit 3.
49c OfficeMax 12/pk #2 pencils (reg. 99c). Limit 3.
49c OfficeMax wide or college ruled filler paper (reg. $1.48). Limit 3.
49c Oxford white 3x5 index cards ruled or blank 100ct. (reg. 99c). Limit 3.
Buy one get one for 1c:
All Post it notes
All Uni Ball Gel and Rollerball Pens
All Sharpie Permanent Markers

Office Depot (sale thru 7/18/09)
None worth writing about this week. Check back next week.

Walgreens (sale thru 7/18/09)
99c Crayola 10/pk markers
99c Pilot EasyTouch Pens 2 or 3 pk.
39c 10/pk sheet protectors, 5 tab insertable tab dividers, 100 white or 70 colored ruled index cards or 10/pk papermate mechanical pencils
59c 12 colored pencils, 5 ct Penway mechanical pencils, 4 oz Elmers Glue or single scented pencil
79c Fiskars pointed or blunt scissors, Penway 80 sheet composition notebook or24 pack yellow pencils
29c Penway sharpener or eraser
For the following deals, you need to grab a coupon from the Walgreens flyer, located at the front of each store:
3 $1 1 subject notebook 60 or 70 sheets. Limit 6.
59c animal erasers. Limit 6.
2 41 120 or 130 sheets of filler paper. Limit 4.
19c mini highlighter. Limit 3.
2/$1 Sharpie permanent marker
59c writing 100 sheet writing tablet or 40 to 100 pack Mead envelopes.
3/$1 50 sheet legal pad
8/$1 2-pocket folder with prongs
$1.99 Expo dry erase 3-4/pk markers. Limit 3.

15c 70-page 1-subject notebook

$2 9x12 double sided dry erase board
50c for 12ct RoseArt colored pencils, 8ct RoseArt washable markers, 1” vinyl binder, 70 ct Mead notebook, vinyl pencil puch, 10ct Bic Cristal ballpoint pens, 24 ct #2 pencils or a pink or blue pencil box.
$5 64-ct Crayola sidewalk chalk

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