Monday, October 13, 2008

Printable Coupons Available

The below is a list of coupons on the Affluent Pauper site at the moment (the Printable Coupons box is on the left hand side of the screen on my blog under the subscription options). If you see something you want, print it out and keep it in your coupon file. Just because it’s on my site today doesn’t mean it will still be there tomorrow!

New coupons include Harvest Selection meals, Big G Cereal, Cheerios Apple Cinnamon Cereal, and Kellogg’s Cereal. The Muir Glen $1 off coupon is still there! So are the Pillsbury coupons - there are coupons for Pillsbury cookie dough, pie crusts, Grands, Italian breads, holiday cookies, dough sheets, crescents, dinner rolls and pastry bites. You’ll also find the following coupons: Luzianne Iced Tea, Kretschmar Deli, Romanos Macaroni Grill Kits, Gourmet Dining, Chex Mix Bars; Cereal; Mix, Aquaphor, Yoplait, Gogurt, Trix Cereal, Wanchai Ferry, Filippo Berio Olive Oil, Bonne Bell Products, Litehouse Dressing and Dip, Balmex, Neutrogena Products, Oust Air Sanitizer, Pure and Natural Soaps, Lever 2000, OptiFree Solution, Pedialax, LiceMD, Sleeptabs/Gels, EARinse, Soothing Care/Tucks Wipes, Pedigree Dog Food (BOGO).

Also, remember to access the Bricks list, where they have direct links to almost 100 coupons on various sites online. My faves this week? $1.50 off Dove Cream Oil Bodywash, $1 off Coffeemate, $2 off Pull-Ups.

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