Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Kellogg’s After Rebate

If you printed the Kellogg’s coupons from my blog recently, now’s the time to put them to good use. If there’s a sale and you have coupons, this could potentially be a moneymaker. If you need more $1 coupons, click here (I managed to print seven).

Then, grab a free copy of Kellogg’s promotional magazine New You. I picked mine up at Publix. Kellogg’s corporate informs me that, believe it or not, they have no idea where they distribute the mag. as it’s done by a third party regionally. Go figure. (Update - you should be able to find it at the customer service desk of major grocery store chains in Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). Anyhow, inside is an official rebate order form that expires on 11/24/08 for “buy 4, get $10 gift check off pharmacy or health and beauty products for the store where you purchase any 4 participating Kellogg’s products.” The following are qualifying products: Kellogg’s All Bran 6 ct or larger, All-Bran Fiber drink mix 8ct or larger, All-Bran cereal 10 oz or larger, All-Bran crackers, Mini-Wheats cereal 10 oz or larger, Smart Start 10 oz or larger, Special K 10 oz or larger, Special K Bliss Bars 6 ct or larger, Special K Cereal Bars 6 ct or larger, Special K Protein Meal Bars 6 ct or larger, Special K Protein Snack Bars 6 ct or larger, Special K waffles, Special K20 Protein Water 4ct or larger, Special K20 Protein Water Mix 7ct or larger.

If you simply want to try a box of Kellogg’s Strawberry Oat Bites free after rebate, go here.

Click here to see other Kellogg's promotions.


  1. Buy them at Walgreens this week - on sale for 2/$5, so $1.50 each, making $4 in the end, plus the great cereal!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Pay $6 up front, get $10 back - gotta love it! Kelloggs will be our cereal of choice this week!


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