Sunday, June 29, 2008

More FREE Starbucks Coffee

Check your Sunday paper carefully. In the AJC, there's a light blue flyer with a card that you can take to Starbucks every day through July 14 for a free 12oz cup of brewed coffee, hot or iced. Good in Atlanta and Indiana. Not valid at Barnes and Noble Cafe.


  1. Slightly different promo in Texas - the Houston Sunday Chronicle had a dark brown flyer with a coupon for a free iced coffee (can only be used once) that expires July 14.

  2. Thank you for the big heads up on this! After reading your post, I went back through my Sunday paper and found the flyer. My DH was really happy and kindly took it for himself!

  3. Is saw your post in Heather's Freebies 4 Moms -- thanks so much! And I'm glad I found your site too :)


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