Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Free Drink from Starbucks

Want another free beverage? If you’re planning on spending cash at Starbucks, rather than using cash, get a gift card (you can get one as low as $5) and charge your beverage to it. Then visit the Starbucks website before July 14 to register your gift card and within 10 days, Starbucks will mail you a coupon for a free beverage. (I tested this by registering some random card I had lying around that had zero balance on it and it worked).
Update (July 1st) - I received my free coupon in the mail and used it to buy a Venti Chai. My husband used his "free coffee" card that was in the Atlanta Journal Consistution on 6/29, so we both got our drinks for free. Talk about a cheap date! To top that, they took the code off my free coupon and handed it back to me, so I guess we can do this all over again! Lovin' Starbucks right now! I guess with 600 stores closing across the country, they're trying to get us addicted again! The only thing is that with all the free drinks they're handing out, it's becoming inconceivable to me that I'd want to pay ever again!

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