Monday, February 8, 2010

More Free Salt and Other Potential Freebies

Just in case you didn't catch my previous post about free salt a couple of weeks ago, the 50c Diamond Crystal Sea Salt coupon is back at again. The salt costs 88-99c at the supermarket, so if your store doubles coupons, you'll get it for free! Even if you have enough salt in your pantry, this is great to donate to a food shelter.

There are some other great coupons on there right now - 50c off Betty Crocker frosting, 50c off Green Giant frozen vegetables and 50c off Chex mix - these often go on sale for $1 each at Kroger supermarkets, so print these and hang on to them; if your supermarket doubles coupons and they go on sale, you'll get them for free. Other great coupons include $1 off 2 Kraft or Cracker Barrel Cheese, $1,50/2 Kotex, Caribou Coffee, Aleve ($2 off!), Flinstones vitamins, Yoplait, a wide variety of pet food coupons and more. Get yours here.

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