Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunglasses - 10 Pairs for $9.99

Anyone that knows me well knows that I like to purchase multiple pairs of sunglasses at the same time as I have a habit of losing them. That way, I have one pair on my face and extra pairs in my handbag, glove compartment, side of my car door, etc. (now that I think about it -- where are my glasses?). I know that the most frugal way would be to actually keep track of them, but well... life happens and I'm not a happy camper on a bright day without my sunglasses! Here's a deal I love - get 10 pairs of sunglasses (mens or womens) for merely $9.99! Granted, it's 10 assorted pairs and you don't get to chose, but hey, when you just need an extra pair or two, it's a great deal... If all else fails, go in on this deal with a friend. Either that, or you'll find a handful of glasses that will suit you and you can donate the rest to a worthy cause. Shipping will run you $5.99, so it works out to about $1.60 a pair. Not too shabby!

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