Thursday, December 17, 2009

Upcoming Free Home Depot and Lowes Workshops

We love going to these and they are a fantastic indoor freebie for kids especially with the freezing temperatures outside...

Jan 2, 2010 - Make a calendar (they'll really want to learn about dates with this!)
Dec 19, 2009 - Pet Treat Keeper
Jan 9, 2010 - Coin Bank (OK... this has to be one of the best ones they've had so far!)

Just in case you're starting to feel left out, why not take some time out for yourself to learn a new skill (for free of course!). Home Depot offers a variety of workshops for adults. Here's a what's coming up at a store near you:

Dec 19 and 26 10-11am - Interior Painting
Dec 19 and 26 11am-12pm - Tiling Floors and Walls
Dec 19 and 26 1-2pm - How to measure, cut and install crown moulding
Dec 20 and 27 1-2pm - How to install a programmable thermostat
Dec 20 and 27 2-3pm - Installing window treatments

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