Thursday, May 1, 2008

How Brand Loyal Are You?

Do you swear by Bounty paper towels? Do you think that Swiffer is the only brand that will get your floor clean?

Well I did.

I truly believed that Aquafresh Extreme Clean was the only toothpaste that gave me that long-lasting, minty, fresh feeling. I bought Tide, and my brand loyalty was based not out of preference for the product, but simply out of habit. And yes, that Bounty “Quilted Picker Upper” jingle is still stuck in my head and for years I had thought that it was the only brand that could be rinsed and re-used.

I didn’t realize how brand loyal I was until I became a more conscientious shopper. I started to notice what was on sale and what coupons I could use to get amazing bargains on products. This opened my eyes to the possibility that other products might be able to do the same job, if not better. Switching brands to take advantage of a discount has caused me to do something I would not have taken the time to do otherwise.

What brands do you use on a regular basis? Do you use them because they truly are the best? Do you use them because perhaps five years ago you established that the product was cheaper than other products on the market and you haven’t taken the time to go back and compare prices?

As you can see by my other postings, I get a lot of items for free on a regular basis. It pays to be open-minded to other brands. So check to see what’s on sale this week at your store and use your coupons accordingly to sample new products.

Would you try a new brand of paper towels if you could pick up a roll for 25c rather than $1.50? Would you try a different brand of toothpaste if it was free? My guess is, you’ll be amazed at how fresh your breath feels when the toothpaste is free!

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